Sunday, January 15, 2012

baaaaaaaaahh-sa expressions

Heres a couple expressions I'v been working on for this sheep character, trying to figure out the shape and overall movement and feeling of the face with all the fur is pretty challenging. I'm still working it out.


Rachel Wolfe said...

yaaaay! more art!

I love this character. You have so much life to your linework. So awesome.

Ophélie Cohen said...

Very funny face! I am impressed by your characters and your works.

cuddlygunner said...

be ou tea full

Johan Arzuza said...

wow, sucha a great expressiones .I like your artwork so much!!

JOhan Arzuza

Akshit Sethi said...

your art feel is too catchy and lovable to resist .....awesome sheep by the way

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