Wednesday, April 3, 2013

pig cops lineup

Im still working on these little guys, and they need a lot of work still, but I thought I'd share where I am at the moment. I've had the privilege of showing them to other designers at work, and I've gotten some really great feedback, especially form JM Oli and Jason Sadler. If you haven't heard of these two amazing artists check out their websites now!!!

Hope you guys enjoy, and please I'd love to hear from you guys also, any advice or comments are always welcomed.

Thanks for all the love and support on my Facebook art page also guys! Over 500 likes already, thanks so much!


Vince Vassallo said...

Absolutely love them! Killer job Dan!

Don Flores said...

love the neck fat falling over their collars.

Anonymous said...

Τhіѕ ԁesіgn is incredіblе!

You obvіοusly knoω hoω to keep a гeader entertainеd.
Betwеen your ωіt and yοur videos, I waѕ almost mоveԁ to
start my own blog (well, almοst...HaHa!) Excellеnt job.
Ι really enjoyeԁ what you had to sаy, and more than that, how
yοu presented it. Tοo сοol!

Нeгe is my web site ...

Vanessa said...

This is cool!

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